The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) has been grabbing massive popularity in the market because of its astonishing results for different businesses. However, businesses are still not aware of the endless possibilities associated with Salesforce’s cloud platform.

In this blog, we are sharing some key reasons that make the Salesforce marketing cloud an ideal choice for the business.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)?

Salesforce (SFMC) is a marketing automation platform that comes with a wide range of tools and solutions to cover all marketing channels in one location. SFMC helps automate email, SMS, websites, social media, and mobile apps. It allows companies to manage their marketing processes including marketing campaigns, customer data analysis and tracking customer engagement. Also, marketers can deliver customized messages to their customers via the correct channel.

Key advantages of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has come up with various benefits to help businesses in boosting their customers and sales while resolving key marketing challenges. Let’s have a look at it:-

Ensure better data management

In the Marketing cloud, data extensions are used for managing the data which can be linked together for creating a relational database and accessed by SQL. Considering the fact that the Salesforce Marketing Cloud stores have different types of data and enable you to build your data mode. It is an additional benefit you can get over some competing platforms which are based on a limited data model and can manage and import only certain types of data. Better data management is important for SMFCs to group and build audiences.

Enhance customer experience

If you are making your important marketing decisions on guesswork then Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an ideal solution. Each customer is unique to the business and they need to treat each one in a different way. By understanding the need to collect audience data and displaying it in a meaningful manner, Salesforce Marketing Cloud proves beneficial in streamlining the individual journey of each user. When businesses get a better understanding of their customers and prospects, they can build better content that addresses the key business goals and pain points of customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has an automation tool “Journey Builder” through which you can easily create a customer journey for each customer on various communication channels.

Track your progress

Previous performance analysis can help in the future. It helps to understand your mistakes in the past so you can make new strategies to improve your performance. However, doing all this thing manually is impossible for the team but with SFMC analytics builder features you can easily track and analyze your marketing campaigns. With this feature, you check how many users visit your website, your email marketing reach, and your social media profile performance as well as get various information. With all this information, it becomes easy for making the right business decision associated with marketing campaigns and increases the chances of getting positive outcomes. Your company can get the desired results that they expect.

Better prediction and performance by using AI

There is no use in sending continuous emails, SMS, and other social media advertisements if your customers don’t want to check them or are interested in them. Instead of this, it would be better if you get the right prediction of the best time when there are more chances that your clients and customers will open your emails. This can be done with the Salesforce AI model “Einstein” which predicts each customer’s information. However, technically it will do more for more. Einstein also has various amazing features such as engagement scoring through which AI can predict the customers who are more likely to interact with promotional emails and messages. It also provides you with engagement frequency through which it becomes easy to understand how many emails should be sent to every customer as per their behaviour.


Salesforce Platform is one of the top CRM platforms which has been used by businesses across the world. Marketing Cloud is one of the most popular products of Salesforce that positively impacts your business performance by accomplishing all your marketing needs. But, for this, you need to hire a professional certified Marketing Cloud Consultant to receive outstanding results.

Marketing Cloud provides a complete 360-degree view of your customers, boosts campaign performance, and increases ROI.

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